Awarded D&AD, I.D. Annual Design Review, SEGD, Chicago Athenaeum, Applied Arts, and Barcelona Laus Trophy.

"I am a travel addict. And one thing I learned was that language is the doorway to people, culture, and the world."

“Voices”, an international exhibition about world's languages and communication, was the first World-Expo-scale commission for Mona Kim Projects, and one of the most passion-inspired projects.

It was an award-winning exhibition of 3,127 sq.m. that documented some of the most amazing and distinctive examples of world’s languages, human communication, and cultural expression, in a non-traditional experimental format. It was one of the main exhibitions of Forum Barcelona—an international event of world exposition scale dedicated to the theme of culture diversity.

The challenge: We live in a world with 191 countries, 5,000 languages and +6 billion inhabitants. Yet 95% of all languages may disappear in this century.

How do we create a powerful message and experience to reach the public’s heart, and lend a sense of urgency to this stark reality?

After the concept-making phase in collaboration with Ralph Appelbaum Associates’ team, MKP established itself in Barcelona to work directly with Forum to provide overall Creative Direction, and to transform this large-scale project from ideas on paper, to a big leap into reality. This involved forming the best international teams in collaboration with the clients, directing the documentation and the production of images and content, facilitating approvals from scientific committee of linguists & politicians, and spearheading all creative and strategic aspects of the exhibition.

Foremost, it was a chance to co-curate and define the exhibition's overall communications and visual approach that would convey the project's thematic concerns with intuitive clarity and boldness. The resulting set of spaces combined 500 minutes of footage, +300 images, words, light, and sound to create a never-been-done-before exhibition format which was completely media and image-driven. Language was experienced in an immersive, mesmerizing state of motion.

• 1.5 million visitors in 5 months
• International design awards (D&AD, ID magazine, SEGD, Chicago Athenaeum, Applied Arts, Barcelona Laus Trophy)
• International media coverage