The Macallan Immersive Experiential Pop-Up

The Macallan Immersive Experiential Pop-Up

Mona Kim Projects was commissioned by the luxury brand, The Macallan, to design an immersive “Big Bang” pop-up in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China to launch The Macallan Litha. The Macallan Litha represents the brand's commitment and ambition for the fast growing markets of China and APAC.

Inspired by the sensuality and magic evoked in the campaign’s luxuriant key visual, and quiet luxury which is at the heart of the brand’s DNA, we intuitively introduced elegance and enchantment to the immersive experience: a system of Japanese-noren-inspired sheer fabric “enclosures” and illuminated glowing backdrops that depict imaginary universe; entrancing soundscapes that fuse and evoke Spanish and Scottish cultures; a metaphorical tree as light sculpture; light choreography to reveal and showcase the key artifact, Litha.

To introduce the public to the captivating universe of The Macallan Litha, we tightly choregraphed the synergy between space, artifacts, motion, sound, and light as a means to storytell, inspire emotions and create experiences. This is our signature approach inspired by contemporary theater, and rooted in our museum exhibition background. Imagine a theater where the audience experiences the story and emotions by moving through the set.

We created an architecture that expresses the beauty of two forces coming together.

We infused fluidity through fabric - as poetic expression of the elixir; light - to illuminate an imaginary universe storiesto reveal the heart and soul of a brand; metaphor - to symbolize the fusion of two worlds; sound and immersion - to enter an enchanted story; sensuality - to open the senses

In order to reflect The Macallan’s commitment to sustainability, we introduced and designed the fabric system so that they can be repurposed for future venues and activations.