Museum of Tomorrow

Museum of Tomorrow

We will be 10 billion.
We will live to be more than 100 years.
Majority of the world will live in cities.
Life may become a code.

...To mention a few.

In 2015, Museu do Amanha (Museum of Tomorrow), a “new generation” science museum opened its doors in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It will transform our thinking in order to shape the next 50 years of life on this planet in a sustainable and harmonious coexistence.

Mona Kim Projects was invited by ORB to co-conceive state-of-the-art media experiences for its client Fundação Roberto Marinho, for a large-scale permanent exhibition and experiential space in a Santiago Calatrava architecture. In collaboration with architects of Ralph Appelbaum Associates, we designed the narrative angles and media-driven environments which would not only integrate harmoniously into the challenging characteristics of the space, but respond sensitively to the sensibilities of the Brazilian culture.

+5,000sq.m. museography contains 27 experiences, 35 explorations, and consists of large-scale media experiences, sensorial experiences, interactives, and commissioned art installations, to engage the general public in an extensive presentation of 4 key ideas:

• Origin of universe, life, and us
• Interconnection of all forms of life and the way it works
• Now – an alarming new era that we are living in
• Tomorrow – future scenarios of life leading up to 2062

It was amazing to be part of this crazy dramatic project, working for the first time in this scope with Brazilian scientists and clients.

Few (amongst many) memorable moments :
Sudden Shakespearean outburst of Brazilian poetry from the museum director in the middle of a large meeting.
Being brisked off to Sitio Burles Marx with thousands of plant species to "immerse" in (and therefore understand) the soul of Brazil.