Groupe Legendre

Groupe Legendre


engages the idea of “energy visualization” to define the public experience and corporate art for the LeGendre Headquarter’s lobby through thematic transformations of unseen or invisible aspects of the natural world into palpable realities.

It is achieved using a mix of conventional technologies (from the builder’s craft to the sculptor) and new tools (from digital animation to mathematical parametric programming), as means to onsume little energy and materials.

Connecting the project to the site and organization :

We thought a public work for the headquarters of an innovative and responsible organization like LeGendre should reveal to the public in some way the ethical commitment our client has made to the principles of environmental awareness and sustainability.

It struck us that the work of sustainable construction – what we might call a kind of “aware building arts” is inherently about crafting harmonious exchange between the geometric, mathematical and engineered (the abstract) and the emotional, organic, and living environment.

The Concept :

The site-specific project engages the "empty cube" of lobby space with a energetic array of cords that are a kind of wire-frame diagram of invisible energy flows and a reference to the commitment to energy efficiency that LaGendre shares with the broader European Union community (including the 20-20-20 initiative).

These cords represent waves of heat (contained, conserved, shared, exchanged) and also embody the physical forces of gravity and tension, thus manifesting the principle of energy as constant exchange and transformation. Here invisible thermal flows become real physical forces in tension.

The TENSION/FLEXION/VERVE form is potentially generated by an analysis of specific energy conditions at the building site or related to the work of Lagrange, interpreted parametrically into a three-dimensional model of energy waves.